Claudio Mariani brothers

The company stem from 20 years of experience in the textile industry and the passion for tailoring that brought us to focus on the production of men’s pants of high quality.
Craftsmanship, quality, cutting-edge machinery and employees’ competence are essential prerogatives for our idea of business.
The expert hands of our tailors take care of every stage of manufacturing, often carrying out some hand-sewn finishings so as to offer to our customers the distinctiveness of an hand-crafted garment. We are located in the province of Salerno, among the landscapes of the Monti Picentini and the beautiful Amalfi and Cilento coasts.
From ‘50s to nowadays the tailoring activity has experienced a strong growth in this area creating an important tradition which is handed down from generation to generation.

The pants Claudio Mariani embody the perfect fusion of sartorial tradition and modern evolution, creating a unique garment in terms of conception and construction that is capable of instilling its value to the man who wear it.
Claudio Mariani’s productions are the result of a constant research on style, fit and details.
Handcrafted manufacturing: every garment is produced in our atelier with meticulous attention and care of details in order to guarantee the true excellence of made in Italy. The main purpose of the company is the conception and realization of articles in which elegance and quality are immediately noticeable.


All stages of production, from garment conception up to packaging, are carried out in our atelier and this guarantee the quality of the true made in Italy.
All accessories and fabrics used are completely produced in Italy.
Raw materials of poor quality and cheap labour are totally out of question.